2016-17 MBC Basketball

2016-17 MBC Basketball

MBC Basketball is back with the first (and realistically, only) release for this upcoming NBA season. The base set features a simple design with subtle textures all throughout the face of the card. Big player photos are used and there is a “prismatic” effect for the background.

2016-17 MBC Basketball Champion Kicks

The Champion Kicks set and design got a lot of attention when it was first released in 2010-11, the very first MBC custom card set. This revival goes for a more flat design that’s very much inspired by the magazine covers from publications like SLAM and KICKS. There are two versions of each player card,… Continue reading 2016-17 MBC Basketball Champion Kicks

2016-17 MBC Basketball Flashbang

Well whaddayaknow? Another old insert set makes a comeback for this season (aka I’m running out of ideas!). Anyway, one of my favorite themed set ideas, Flashbang focuses on the explosive players with the ability to run the floor and finish with force.

2016-17 MBC Basketball Statement

This themed insert set was borne out of the head-shaking, smile-inducing fashion statements of OKC Thunder superstar, Russell Westbrook. He’s a consummate hipster with his fashion sense so I thought it’d be silly fun to create a set showing NBA stars and their (often unique) off-court attire.

2015-16 MBC THE RACE

2015-16 MBC The Race

“After a long hiatus, MBC is back with the latest set just in time for the 2015-16 NBA Playoffs. This base set features players from the 16 teams vying for the coveted NBA Championship.” This set’s design is a throwback to the Fleer Flair releases from the mid-to-late 90’s. There is also a limited-number parallel… Continue reading 2015-16 MBC The Race

2015-16 MBC The Race Finish

Here is the parallel set to the base set of 2015-16 MBC The Race. It features a prismatic zoom effect for the background. Each card is numbered to 199.

2015-16 MBC The Race We Keep Ballin

I grew up on 90’s NBA action so I always have to create a set that honors the players I grew up with. This time this set focuses on the players from that era who are amazingly still active and producing on the floor. It’s a fairly straight forward two-tone design.

2015-16 MBC The Race X-Factor

This set focuses on each team’s top producer and the individual who possesses the so-called X-Factor. The design calls back the die-cut look from products of the past such as the Upper Deck SPx line. Instead of a totally die-cut finish, there is a sturdy layer of clear acetate inserted between the fron and back… Continue reading 2015-16 MBC The Race X-Factor

2013-14 MBC ROOTS

2013-14 MBC Roots

The return of the MBC Roots brand which is targeted towards the more budget-conscious and set-building collectors. Here are the base cards for 2013-14 featuring a simple, flat, and slightly retro design. It also shows off the brand new MBC logo

2013-14 MBC Roots Spectacles

Spectacles is a parallel to the main set and features prismatic technology. Numbered to 399.  

2013-14 MBC Roots Future Attractions

A die-cut insert set focusing on the top rookies from 2013-14. The background is supposed to be etched foil. I’m pretty proud of this because even if the layout is simple, it screams 90’s cards to me 🙂 Below is a mock-up photo of what the card might look like in real life. Full view… Continue reading 2013-14 MBC Roots Future Attractions

2013-14 MBC Roots Game Changers

The next insert set from 2013-14 MBC Roots is called Game Changers. It is a die-cut themed set focusing on players who have the uncanny ability to turn a game around and almost single-handedly win the game for their team.

2013-14 MBC Roots First Line/Last Line

The 2013-14 return of the First Line/Last Line insert, first released in 2010-11. Similar to the first version, this set features the steals and blocks leaders of each team this time on a “flip” layout with a wood texture design on the front.

2013-14 MBC Roots Big Name Big Game

A simple insert set featuring some of the best players in the league with recognizable nicknames.

2013-14 MBC PRIME

2013-14 MBC Prime

OK, so I decided this is gonna be the base card for a separate product simply called MBC Prime 🙂

2013-14 MBC Prime Prime Time

This is a parallel to the main set and is basically supposed to be like the refractor version and is numbered to 199. I admit that when Topps Finest came out with the refractor technology in ’93 I thought it was hideous. Well it was really hideous because Topps designs were pretty nauseatingly bad. The… Continue reading 2013-14 MBC Prime Prime Time

2013-14 MBC Prime Prime Movers

The second parallel set to the main set, Prime Movers features an acetate background and a limited print run of 149. Note: I’m not sure if it’s just on my monitor but the large images below have a horizontal blue line right down the middle of the card which isn’t there when I view the… Continue reading 2013-14 MBC Prime Prime Movers

2013-14 MBC Prime Flight Commanders

Dedicated to the best aerial artists in the NBA, MBC Prime Flight Commanders features a huge swatch of an authentic NBA jersey and is numbered to only 20. The 2013-14 MBC Prime Flight Commanders Historical Flights subset focuses on a few retired greats who used to take to the air with great frequency. Admittedly not… Continue reading 2013-14 MBC Prime Flight Commanders

2013-14 MBC Prime Primed For The Big Time

Autographed insert set from the 2013-14 MBC Prime release. Focuses on players who have had recent breakout seasons.

2012-13 MBC

2012-13 MBC

Here’s the base set design for the 2012-13 MBC release. The design for 2010-11 was very light and bright so I thought I’d do the exact opposite and use a dark theme and a 2-photo layout which I’ve always liked.

2012-13 MBC Brand New Heavies

Look who’s back making cards after a year off. I just thought I’d try making new designs for this year’s rookie crop. Simple designs, really, but a bitch to do at times.

2012-13 MBC Reboot

I just felt like doing more designs this time revolving around marquee players who have recently been traded to another team (the set title is pretty self-explanatory). This set took a while to get it’s final design due to my struggle with typography but I convinced myself I did something different since I didn’t use… Continue reading 2012-13 MBC Reboot

2012-13 MBC Sweet Strokes

My first attempt at an Autographed card design. Pretty straightforward here, I just relied on some texturing in the background and on the player photo itself. The window for the autograph is there but it’s designed to be an on-card autograph memorabilia.

2012-13 MBC Old Skool

These had been sitting on my hard drive for a while and I was hesitant to upload them at first. Anyway, here is a new set focusing on active veterans drafted in the 90′s since that was when I started my collection. I purposely included players who don’t see a lot of playing time these… Continue reading 2012-13 MBC Old Skool

2010-11 MBC

2010-11 MBC

Here is the base card design for MBC 2010-11 (my own custom card brand – done for fun). Use the menu above to view other designs for the insert sets and other MBC brands. This is the initial brand from MBC and would be similar to Upper Deck’s SP Authentic line.

2010-11 MBC Flashbang

More of my custom card designs. This is an insert set from the main MBC 2010-11 brand 🙂 Use the main menu to view the rest of the designs. This insert set features players who can run the floor and finish with authority. Team-based custom colors and slightly embossed type.

2010-11 MBC Champion Kicks

More of my custom card designs. This is an insert set from the main MBC 2010-11 brand 🙂 Use the main menu to view the rest of the designs. Champion Kicks is pretty self explanatory. It features players and their exclusive shoe endorsement deals. There is a short-printed subset called Champion Kicks Classic kicks that… Continue reading 2010-11 MBC Champion Kicks

2010-11 MBC Eyes On The Prize

My first attempt at a memorabilia card. This set features marquee player’s who have yet to win an NBA Championship ring.

2010-11 MBC Call Signs

Call Signs is a straightforward set focusing on NBA players with notable nicknames.

2010-11 MBC The Second Coming

This set focuses on present players who have been compared often to some of the best players from years past. There are some obvious pairings but I know some comparisons will be met with trepidation. If you have suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

2010-11 MBC Majestic

2010-11 MBC Majestic

This is the high-end brand from MBC, similar to National Treasures or even Exquisite Collection. I don’t intend on the card stock to be as thick as Exquisite’s but closer to what a regular jersey card would be. There are two designs here; one for veterans and another for the 2010-11 rookies. The frame is… Continue reading 2010-11 MBC Majestic

2010-11 MBC ROOTS

2010-11 MBC Roots

This brand is the “economical” release from MBC and is akin to the regular Upper Deck or Skybox Premium cards of the 90′s. Cards are team-color coordinated.

2010-11 MBC Roots First Line/Last Line

This set focuses on the best defenders on a given team. It has a back-to-back design with the steal leader (First Line Of Defense) on the front and the shot blocker (Last Line Of Defense) at the back.

2010-11 MBC Roots Stellar

This insert set really has no player theme but includes some of the better performers in the league. The main theme is obviously the space backgrounds which are unique to each player.


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